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Its called Gescor https:// swtecnologia. com.br/site/ gescor/

Its not really thaaaaat bad (it is bad, but i have seen worse), but support wise they are some arrogant people that really think their product is perfect. I did work over 10+ years with TOTVS Protheus, they are far from perfect, but they know that and they at least try to care…

I had very little contact with SAP(in some Africa(Angola) adventures i did in the past), it looks slow, but at least it has (AFAIK) some good support.

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I am currently managing two paid anti-virus solutions, one is Kaspersky, they are very easy to manage and deploy, i like it… and Bitdefender, also good, but kinda confusing when it comes to some integrations and it often fails to deploy and needs to be manually installed.

I had some experience in the past with symantec endpoint solution, it was okey, but it didnt seem very “strong”, i often had some troubles with very simple macro virus, and also trend, trend for me was the best, i don´t know today, but in the past it was a “killer” solution…

And yes, i dont like anti-virus also, i like a good mail server a good firewall and some strong GP policies, but with all those crypto stuff, its nasty!

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Kapersky - That’s the russian who thinks he’s an Anti-Virus God, and makes repeated claims for “isolating” eg mobile viruses, but failed to provide proof…

I have had good experience with Intels McAfee Anti Virus (Not firewalls or other crap!), it works well and no issues for the past 10 years.
McAfee himself was mad, nuts or even worse, but the AV works well enough. And does NOT make the PC slow, especially for large ERP operations!

My 2 cents

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Kaspersky gives lots of warnings and false-positives, at one time it even deleted my clients ERP .exe!

I wish ClamAV had some realtime protection! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that Immunet(uses clamav i think) they have a enterprise solution, i might check them out soon.

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