Expand raid volume

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Disks

Hi guys,
on my raid I’m running out of space. It is possible to get another 2x5ZB disks and add it to raid 1? So I will have 9TB?

Thank you.


Possible, but not so easy, AFAIK…

Maybe safer and easier to add in another RAID(1), and use the new disks to eg mount /var/lib/nethserver/ibay there, or maybe mail, depending what is eating up disk space.
I’d suggest using Symlinks to connect to /nethserver/ibay.

You will need to manually copy over whatever data maybe on your disks, once you mount or symlink them, the source folder will not be accessible…

This is also update-safe!

My 2 cents

Thank you.
It is disk for Seafile, so I need mount it as /media/data.
Is there a fast way to copy from one disk to another, becouse there is large amount of files.

Not really, as from disk to disk copy will actually need a copy process running. rsync takes a mite more overhead, but gets the same times, so no real advantage…

My 2 cents