Exchange to Nethserver

NethServer Version: 7.x / 8.x?
Module: SoGo?

I have a few customers that use Outlook/Exchange in their organization.
They wanto move to NS, but want continue to use Outlook as MUA and migrate their calendars.
I had read the old topics and the docs, but still not fully understand if the migration of calendars from Exchange to Nethserver can be done easily and the user can continue to use its Outlook as mail client (connecting to SoGo?). I have already done some Mail migration in the past, but usually also migrated customers from Outlook to TB.

Thanks, P.

Hi @PaulVM

I have a few clients (mostly ex SBS users) who continue to use Outlook after migration to NS, this usually presents no issues… (Outlook using IMAP, and connector for Cal/Adr) to Nextcloud.

I do not use SoGo or Webtop - I never liked MS ActiveSync and do not see why I need to use MS methods for a Smartphone (Not from MS!) - on a Linux server.

I. use simple Mail (IMAP/Postfix/Dovecot) for mail, and Nextcloud for Cal/Adrbook), which works rock solid.

Migrating Exchange Data is a different story, but doable…

For Mail, probably the fastest is to use IMAPsync, after making sure IMAP is working on Exchange.
Adressbooks are best exported as vCards, which Nextcloud can easily import (AFAIK, so can SoGo / Webtop).
I also exported the Calendar data as CalDAV, which is easily imported in Nextcloud.

PS: I often use a Mac to aid me in this, as Outlook can’t consolidate Adrbook data into one single vCard (Containing the full Adressbook), which in turn can be imported in one go into Nextcloud!

All of this depends also on Exchange / Outlook versions used.
Another option is to use Smartphones to migrate data, but this is often only practicable with few users.

My 2 cents

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Thanks for your replay.
I had already migrated Exchange to NS.
Usually I also convert users from Outlook to TB.
But some of them still use Outlook.without problems
Importing calendar to NC is a problematic activity?
They simply have to transfer their calendar from an Exchange server to somewhere else because the access to the Exchange server is going to be closed for those users.
At the moment they use Outlook 16.0 and it manage the Exchange account and external IMAP accponts.

Thanks, P.