Exchange sync sending emails that show all bcc email addresses to any gmail / google apps recipients

This is quite serious but I am not sure it is a Webtop issue. In any case I think it is important for the community to know about this issue.

Expected behaviour - Emails sent via phone exchange active sync via a Webtop account with bcc email addresses not to shown to other email receivers.

What actual happens - Emails sent via Android or iOS app using Webtop exchange sync shows others bcc email recipients to all email recipients when that email recipient is recieved the email via Gmail / Google Apps account. In receiving email header Gmail / Google Apps changes the email to have all bcc addresses added to the “to” field

Notes -
So far I have only tested with Webtop and Google Apps account. I have only found this happens when email recipient is a Gmail / Google Apps account.
Webtop webmail has no issue.
Other webtop email recipients do not see the bcc users.
Webtop shows exchange sync sent email recipients correctly. eg “to” address and “bcc” address correctly assigned.
Testing these same email client using a Google Apps account instead of the Webtop account there is no issue.

Tested environment - Gmail app (android), Outlook (iOS), Bluemail (Android) with Webtop 5.14.1 tested on two NethServer installations.

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Hi Mark

Good thing I never used the MS ActiveSync protocoll for Mails!
I never saw a reason to use a propreitary protocoll, when IMAP / CrdDAV / CalDAV works better!

My 2 cents

Has somebody an idea?