Event wan-uplink-update blocks Cockpit interface

While server is running wan-uplink-update event, you can’t made change on Cockpit interface because is blocked.

Proposed solution

Since this event is performed always after you apply changes on firewall section, I suggest to remove fake-modal-backdrop-event like Terminal page. It’s very annoying alert and slow down configurations.

Alternative solutions

Remove wan-uplink-update from showed events on Cockpit interface (but you can’t know it’s running).

Additional context

What do you think? @gsanchietti @DavidePrincipi

As general rule, two or more event should not run at the same time.
Even if running parallel events is not usually a problem, it should be always avoided.
Sadly, the esmith layer doesn’t have a lock system to handle such scenarios.

This is why we decided to lock the Cockpit UI while an event is running.

Even if a little bit annoying, I think that the current one is the correct behavior.

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