Event status windows in cockpit doesn't show progress while distroupgrade

Only a minor thing and more cosmetic:

During upgrade from 7.6 to 7.7 the event status bar hangs on 0% and always shows “Event: software-repos-upgrade” until the update is finished.


After update it shows connection lost. Then relogin and the update is done.
After reboot new kernel is aplied and everything seems to work properly.
Used Browser: Firefox 69.0.3

Thank you for reporting, this is a known cosmetic issue and it could happen also in some other pages.

We already evaluated a fix: it’s hard and can break many other things. I will try to find a workaround, if possible.

I’ve better analyzed the issue: the software-repos-upgrade has only one action inside so there is no way to correctly track down the progress.

Maybe I could arbitrary change progress from 0% to on of other values like 10%, 50% or 100%: but it will be always stuck to che that number.
Does it worth?

No, I think it isn’t worth.
Can’t you cancel the progress bar completely and give a message like “Upgrad ein progress. This may take a while. Please be patience.” instead?

This is could a nice idea: what do you thing @edoardo_spadoni?

Yes, could be a nice idea, but the yellow progress notification is used in all APIs execution, we have to make an exception only for this case. We should evaluate the impact first…

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We discussed about this issue and Edoardo suggested a progress bar without a percentage.
So basically something like a spinner.

What do you think @flatspin?

Sorry for late response, I’m on vacation in Roma. Bella Italia!

Everything which shows, that the process hasn’t died is good I think. So yes, a progressbar is o.k.

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After some work, I think it’s safer to leave everything as is.
We already have a progress bar which shows that the system is doing something.
A fake progress bar could make things worst.

Maybe in the future we could display the log while an event is executing.