Event status update overlays part of upate error popup

In Threat Shield, I deselected some blacklist DNS entries, and upon saving, got an error asking me to copy/paste the info to a Terminal. Since the Event progress status bar was on top of the error popup, I could not copy the command. It did not look like I could slide the position of either one, so I could not run the command.

Suggestion move the position of either the progress bar or the error popup.

Thank you for reporting!
Does the error dialog disappears when progess bar ends?

If the configuration doesn’t finish correctly, could you please post an extract from /var/log/messages to inspect the problem?

@giacomo, I wasn’t sure about the date/time, but I remembered I had saved the screen shot on my desktop, so I checked the log (taking into account my Nethserver is set to UTC and I am in PT) and there are no errors in the log for the blacklist update.

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@giacomo, I realized I didn’t answer your question. When the error occurred, the task did not complete. I aborted it (i forget how, reboot maybe), and I removed all the relevant packages, and it did not reoccur.

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