Evebox report ET Trojan with strange Time-Stamp

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: EveBox

In my EveBox Report I get Multiple Alert of Blocks

“ET TROJAN Connection to unallocated address space” from my Mail Server to address:
The source is : my server IP port:80 destination: :12277 with a very strange TIMESTAMP of 2195-10-14T10:19:47.264408-0700 . Yet other alerts have the correct Time-Stamp, except for this alert.

Don’t quite understand what this Alert is about — Does this means my Server is infected by some kind of Trojan Ware ? Thanks in advance. is the cloudflare DNS. Do you use some cloudflare services?

Here it seems to be a false positive:

Some info and links what the attack is about:

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Thanks for the reply…I’m not using the cloudflare DNS or any of their services… this is strange …