Errors in French translation

Hi all,

There are errors on french translation on: Configurationn → Email → Filter → Rules by mail address:

English translation: image

Since there are two Nouvelle autorisation pour, then switching from French to English in the interface, the rules are in reverse order ???

French translation: image

bloquage → should be: blocage
New block From → should be: Nouveau blocage depuis
New allow From → should be: Nouvelle autorisation depuis
New allow to → should be: Nouvelle autorisation vers

allow FromAutoriser depuis → this is OK
allow ToAutoriser pour → should be: Autoriser vers

Also, I do not think that the word "block’ is the proper one to use in English, maybe blocking will be better, but this is another story…


Could you have a look to transifex, it is where we translate NethServer

Hi Stéphane,

I already made some translations some months ago and I didn’t received feedback.


Hum what feedback did you wait, once done the translation are used to build a rpm.


If I remember right, I translated the 2 parameters above.

I also saw that you integrated the ones in DDNS. For the rest???

Tomorrow I will take a look at it again and see what will happend…


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don’t know I only use the english version, need to test but the translations seems good

in my server manager the translation is good

block from -> bloquer depuis
allow from -> autoriser depuis

Hi Stéphane,

I looked at and the translation is there. I did it about 11 months ago.

Now I am trying to reinstall French language after uninstalling it.
I even did a:

# yum reinstall -y *mail*

I still have 2 Nouvelle autorisation pour.

At I saw that the file for_use_nethserver_CockpitMail_fr_FR.json has the proper translation.
Is that for the New GUI interface only?

How can I install the proper translation?

I am using NetheServer-7.6.1810


Hi Stéphane,

I found the problem. It is with Mail_Filter.

It in not properly translated as there is still 2 Nouvelle autorisation pour.

My corrections:


We are on 7.7 and we wait 7.8, are you sure

Yes. on 7.6.1810 and no problem

Anyway, the translations should be the same?


Not sure you are probably in late for version

Give me the link of each translation you want to modify in transifex

I ping also @krisden that does a lot also

I already made the corrections at that link.


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Mail_Filter is to translate nethgui

CockpitMail is the string for cockpit

ok so you spoke about Nethgui translation, I thought we are speaking of cockpit.

I do not know if we still push translation for nethgui @giacomo could answer but this is the version I have of lang


if you do not have this version, translation should not be updated.

Hi Stéphane,

For version 7.6.1810 GUI, it is not obsolete yet, so why stopping language update?

On this wiki, I saw a lot of posts having problem of some kind with cockpit. I prefer to wait until it is more mature; the latest with their new gadgets is not always the best choice…

After your previous post, I am testing the upgrade to 7.7 on my Zammad development installation and see how it will do, as this application takes a lot of ressosurces.
I will return to you after testing this upgrade.


It is a matter of how the repository works, we simply stop to push newer rpm

Index of /nethserver/7.6.1810/updates/x86_64/Packages

compare with Index of /nethserver/7.7.1908/updates/x86_64/Packages

I need to check in nethgui…let me take my bike I check in nethgui how the translation are

it seems you have the version 1.3 from September 2019

nethserver-lang-fr-1.3.0-10.ns7.noarch.rpm	2019-09-23 07:10	135K

in a vm you can compare and install the 7.7 version
 nethserver-lang-fr-1.4.4-3.ns7.noarch.rpm 2020-03-24 11:34 99K

yum install

Never heard of such a thing. What other distributions do that?

Does it mean that if we do not get the latest bells and whistles, we will be left in the dark?


I saw new translation, is it your work

this is what I saw in Nethgui with 7.7

Screenshot (4)

Upgrade went very well, thanks to all the developpers.

In the GUI with mail filter, same problem, 2 Nouvelle autorisation pour.

With cockpit - depuis and pour is confusing, should be depuis and vers.