Error when mapping folder shared by Nethserver file server on Windows Server 2022

I have a Windows Server 2022 server and I need to map a folder shared by Nethserver on it, but when trying to map Winserver it shows the error:

0x80004005 says “SMB dialect not matched” between client (Server 2022) and server (NethServer).
May I assume that your Windows server do not have SMBv1 installed?
I’m asking a question, not suggesting to install SMBv1 on your Windows Server. It’s an old, unsecure, deprecated “dialect” of SMB and install it should be the last resource.

Also: your nethserver which modules has installed?

Installed modules are: ClamAV Antivirus, Email pop3 connector, File Server, Firewall, Nextcloud, VPN, Web server and Web mail

What auth did you create? LDAP only or AD (Samba auth) ? that’ll help to understand what your fileshares are doing.