Error/Warning on Latest Updates

Not sure if this is significant or not, but the following pops up during the latest updates:

The relevant section in the log is this:

Mar  5 19:18:40 NethServer yum[2971]: Updated: nethserver-firewall-base-2.10.3-1
Mar  5 19:18:41 NethServer yum[2971]: Updated: nethserver-firewall-base-ui-2.10.
Mar  5 19:18:42 NethServer httpd-admin: [1] Class 'Nethgui\System\AlwaysFailVali
dator' not found - File /usr/share/nethesis/Nethgui/Authorization/User.php, line
Mar  5 19:18:44 NethServer yum[2971]: Updated: nethserver-httpd-admin-1.6.3-1.ns
Mar  5 19:18:45 NethServer yum[2971]: Updated: nethserver-httpd-2.5.3-1.ns6.noar


Lets check :

Result :

Mar  6 09:33:11 mail esmith::event[13351]: mount: /media/cdrom not mounted already, or bad option
Mar  6 09:33:11 mail esmith::event[13351]: Action: /etc/e-smith/events/nethserver-base-update/S10remount-filesystems FAILED: 1 [0.347315]

Mar  6 09:34:14 mail epmd: epmd: node name already occupied ejabberd
Mar  6 09:34:15 mail esmith::event[14909]: Starting ejabberd: \nERROR: The node 'ejabberd@mail' is already running.
Mar  6 09:34:15 mail esmith::event[14909]: [FAILED]#015

Try with
Yum clean all
And retry

For me, according to the yum log, everything was updated:

Mar 05 19:18:40 Updated: nethserver-firewall-base-2.10.3-1.ns6.noarch
Mar 05 19:18:41 Updated: nethserver-firewall-base-ui-2.10.3-1.ns6.noarch
Mar 05 19:18:44 Updated: nethserver-httpd-admin-1.6.3-1.ns6.noarch
Mar 05 19:18:45 Updated: nethserver-httpd-2.5.3-1.ns6.noarch

I was just bringing up the issue that it threw an error/warning during the update in case any post update configuration tasks might not have completed correctly.