Error Useraccounts on Nethserver6.7 in an AD

Good morning,
now I´m testing Nethserver6.7 as Mailserver in an Active Directory (SBS2011).
At first it was not possible to join the AD >>> the Server with AD has to be the ONLY DNS-Server on Nethserver
At second I want to create the users for the email-adresses, but it’s not possible …
in [MANAGEMENT] > Email-adresses it’s not possible to join a AD-user with the email-adress and
in [MANAGEMENT] > users it’s not possible to create users or import them from AD

What to do ??
Thank you for any idea …

Does the Join to AD work?
Paste your getent passwd output
Whether it works you can’t create user with the same name and you have to create email address on the AD side

Exactly: the DNS must be the AD server.

Users and mail addresses must be handled inside the AD.

Maybe we have to add clearer statement inside the doc? What to you think @rowihei?

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Good Evening,

excuse me, but at first I not found the helping link in your documntation …

thank you very much
… but it’s a ittle bit tricky - not really smart … don’t you think so ?

Bye till next time = next problem

Good evening,

something I forgot :
join to the AD was OK - otherwise I would be able, to create an user with the same name like exist in AD
On the SBS2011 exists an exchange with 8 users and 8 email-accounts … but this swallowed all of 16GB RAM (VM on PROXMOX)
Now I’d like to test, how behaves the nethserver - that’s my goal … - or is there everyone tested this ?


I have a similar issue. Registered with the domain but no users via web…
Via terminal i see the groups and users and with "id user2 i see the user info…

Whats wrong?

AD users are displayed only on limited pages, like Fetchmail and Squidguard.

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One question,pls… its posible to use another frontend to manage acls and samba ?