Error. The install/update may have failed due to metadata caching issues

I’ve clicked “clear yum cache” but why keep this error?

“The install/update may have failed due to metadata caching issues”

Read the error message… You’ve a problem with a repo

You’re downloading from subscription repos. Do you have an active subscription?

Does internet connection work?

I have a Pizza Trial subscription, the connection works fine. Previously running smoothly and has 4 days smoothly but when there is an error message I can not get into Software Center

After finished updating the Software Center I forgot to reload the page and immediately I Shutdown through the menu and then when I blame back directly like this

This should not be a problem.

Did you try to clean the cache?

yum clean all
rm -rf /var/log/cache
yum update

Do you use IPS? It may block the yum updates.

Does a ping to the mirrorlist server from your Nethserver work?


New reinstall also experience the same thing

when not yet error I can ping but why now can not ping when ip already connected

It turns out the problem after I set all the ip NIC because my NIC there are 3 then the setting so static all and finally my connection can not walk because of the entry even to the other interface when I enter the cable connection to the NIC 1. It resolved how?

Sorry, I didn’t fully understand. Does it work now?

If not please post some more details like relevant errors in /var/log/messages and your network configuration:

ip addr
db networks show