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Saludos y buenos dias, necesito ayuda tengo dos problemas
1- Quiero unir Kerio COntrol al dominio que he creado en Nethserver y no me deja unirlo me da eroror,
2- No puedo unir una pc con w7 Ultimate porque me da error que no se pudo unir porque no encotro la ruta de accesiço de la red

Hola Ernesto!

Jo no hablar espanol - that’s about all the spanisch I can!

If you post in english many people here can help, I can also help in german or french, but spanish - and written - is too much for me! Sorry!

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Greetings and good morning, I need help I have two problems
1- I want to join Kerio COntrol to the domain I have created on Nethserver and it doesn’t let me join it, I’m wrong,
2- I can’t join a PC with w7 Ultimate because I get an error that it couldn’t be joined because I don’t find the network path

There’s a registry patch for that, i think its an issue with samba versions

Take a look at this

Sorry i didnt posted the link

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Perdon respondo en español tambien, es un problema con la version de samba y windows 7, fijate en este articulo, hay un patch para la registry que lo soluciona