Error after reset nextcloud DB

Hi to all group members, I want to know about an errors that appear after a DB reset for every old accounts.
After login appear this kind of message and not possible go further.
How can I solve it?

PS. This happens from mobile app, desktops app, and web login interface.

Check these services are up and running (httpd and php80 appear to be running, but anyway…):

systemctl -l status httpd php80-php-fpm rh-mariadb105-mariadb@nextcloud.service

To try to find more details, you can search for the request id on nextcloud log.
Also check apache/httpd web server logs just after getting the error.

Can you describe in more detail what was done and how it was done?

Thanks for your kindly reply.

As you see all service you told me to check are active and running:

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 10-47-31 Terminale -

This is the screenshots about “command history” for resetting Nextcloud, as I have read here on a community post “how to reset nextcloud DB”:

I have reset Nextcloud DB due too a bug for updating version.

So basically what was done is a complete removal (minus db user/password) and new install of nextcloud.

I don’t know what was really deleted with yum autoremove nethserver-nextcloud.
You can try to get some of the missing base dependencies, if any, with:

yum install @nethserver-iso

What would really help to solve the problem would be to have a look at the entries from nextcloud log related to the reported request id, as it might describe in more detail what is the problem.