Error after changing date and time settings

NethServer release 7.5.1804 (final)
Date & Time

I’m still having trouble getting Nethserver to keep time. I’ve tried all the tricks suggested by The Internet to make VirtualBox keep time but its still out.

This morning Nethserver said it was 0731 on Wednesday the 18th. More than two days out! My Date & Time was set using manual settings (as that was a suggestion) so I thought I’d try NTP.

On clicking ‘confirm’ I went back to the Dashboard and got a popup windowforbidden

When I dismiss this I am logged out and taken to the login window.

So two problems. One I don’t know if it can be solved, how to keep time correct in Nethserver using VirtualBox on a Mac and what’s happening when I change the Date & Time setting?

the time problem happens from cold boot or booting from a saved running state?

Not sure. I was about to save my running state then quit VB, reboot the Mac and see what happens. Stay tuned!

Rebooted my Mac and cold started Nethserver on the VM. Been running four minutes and already the time has slipped back a couple of minutes.

Time on the Mac host is correct!

NS set to ‘manual settings’ in Date and Time.

Maybe you are missing the guest additions:

yum install dkms
yum install virtualbox-guest-additions

No I don’t think so. I even updated them today! I followed these instructions but its not worked for me.

The Server Manager relies on the system clock to expire the active session. Probably it’s a bad choice: when the user changes the system time the session expires. We could search for an alternative implementation though.

Anyway the main cause of the issue is the VM clock settings: let’s discuss the session kickoff in another thread.