Epel dependency list for ARM

Hi there,

I’m working on an update for nethserver-arm and the most labor intensive (and nagging) thing is to update the epel mirror for armhpf.

So about time to utilize reposync! For now I have a very crude bash script that reeds the package names from text files that should be included and syncs them to a local mirror.

Relevant scriptlet

 # add content of all files in ./include
for i in $INCLUDES
  echo "including packages for $i"
  cat $i >> yum-mirror-epel.conf
  echo -n " " >> yum-mirror-epel.conf

# sync repository
reposync -l --config=yum-mirror-epel.conf --repoid=mirror-epel \
    --download_path=/var/lib/nethserver/repository/nethserver/7-crt/ \
    --norepopath --newest-only --delete

What would really make it easy is to find out which packages form the epel-repo’s every single nethserver-package depends on. (yes: I should have documented that!) I tried all kinds of repoquery / yum depend commands but none of them gave me the this info

Any ideas how to get this list?
even better ideas to accomplish a contentiously up-to-date epel-snapshot?


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For subscription, we just mirror it with rsync … the whole repo, which is huge.
@davidep could you point to the script which does the job on athos?