Enforce SPF checking for incoming Email


**NethServer Version:7.6
**Module:SMTP Proxy
Is it possible to set Enforce SPF checking for incoming email ?

Thank you

With rspamd (nethserver-mail-filter), a check is done against spf. But a wrong IP for incoming email is not a rejecting case, just increase the score of spam.

After that postfix can do it probably alone also.


Can you share the steps ?

Install nethserver-mail-filter and its all

For the record your issue merits a deeper answer, spf is a method to validate/verify the sender’s IP of the email sender. In short, in the DNS TXT field we say what is the IP which must be used to send the email and what to do when the email is sent by a bad IP.

a bit of reading : https://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=email_protection_resources#spf_and_senderid

The difficulty here if we want to enforce the spf policy, is that a lot of email servers (I stated 98%) are set with a softfail options(~all), in short it is a warning that postfix cannot use to reject the email, if we have a strict policy it is -all

In summary, the rspamd way is probably the better and the easier way


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