Enable dhcp to ethX for ISP IP public

To set ethX (eth0 / eth1 / eth2 …) that are configured with wan ISP modems with public addresses.

By doing a clean install of NethServer. by default ethX not take the addresses given by the ISP, because not configured the automatic dhcp.

We enter from the terminal and run the following few ISP network cards are now installed:

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX

and add the following lines:


Then to save the changes precionamos:

:wq *** save and exit the editor

Restart the Firewall and check who are using public ip. running from terminal:


How did you install NethServer?
Directly from the ISO?

As far as I remember the installer tries to use the DHCP to find the IP address for the green interface.

Thank you for reporting!

Yes, the installation from ISO, but the network cards for my case, eth1 eth2 are the ISP modems with public addresses.

when installing the eth0 LAN GREEN card, the ip is assigned by yourself. after completing the installation and enter from the web https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:980

the network interfaces have no outlet to the internet, and would have to do the above steps to work by dhcp. @giacomo regards