Empty Authentication credentials for LDAP applications

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: Account Provider.


I got this, how can i fix Bind DN & password ?

I tried : https://community.nethserver.org/t/set-authentication-credentials-for-ldap-applications/8805/9 and updating NS but nothing change.

You don’t need to.
Applications are already using the right credentials since you installed a local AD.

Thanks Giacomo,

Doesn’t i need to know these credentials for others applications ?
How to find them ?

They should be generated automatically during one of the latest updates. Probably something was wrong. You should see “ldapservice” under BindDN.

Search in old logs more information about ldapservice

This was the issue

Please try

account-provider-test dump

from command line.

If you want to manually bind an application with your LDAP, for example software which is not at the softwarecenter you need these data.


Thanks Michel,
I’ll try that and record this command.