Empty all the navigation logs


NethServer Version: 6.10 (Final)

Is it possible to completely empty all the navigation logs?

Do you mean the lightsquid web proxy reports?

They are located in /var/lightsquid/DATEDIR and could just be deleted or moved away.


can I delete all the DATEDIR folders?

Yes. You may move them away first to see if it works but it should. I tested it.

in the /var/log folder what could I delete?
what is firewall.log-date.gz and ipsec.log-date.gz?

I meant to delete the datedir folders not the whole lightsquid dir. You have to recreate it.

These logs are managed by logrotate:


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using the command

rm -rf lightsquid

do you have to manually recreate the lightsquid folder?

P.S. after one day the folder was not automatically created, and now where are the navigation logs saved?

Yes, you have to manually recreate the lightsquid folder, it’s not created automatically.

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and in the meantime, where the navigation logs are saved. if there is no lightsquid folder, are they not saved?

The reports are created out of the squid log files.
If they are still there you can create the reports by entering lightparser.pl IIRC.


also the /var/log/squid/access.log file must be recreated manually?

Did you delete it? If yes, it may need to be recreated with correct permissions.

You don’t need to delete the log files manually as they are managed by logrotate.