Email2 upgrade problem

NethServer Version: your_version
Module: your_module

Hi, I just upgraded to email2 with the command:

yum swap \
    - remove nethserver-mail- {common, disclaimer, filter, server} nethserver-getmail nethserver-spamd \
    - install nethserver-mail2- {common, disclaimer, filter, server, getmail}

Nethserver works fine but from the administrative panel the menu for creating / editing new pop3s / imap connectors has disappeared.
From the software center it does not let me install the “POP3 Connector” module because it gives me error:

Resolving RPM dependencies
The update / installation command may have failed due to problems in the metadata cache. Clean the cache by clicking on the button below and repeat the installation / update operation.

Many thanks in advance

Fixed, it was enough to clear the cache twice.
Now everything is OK


You probably picked the wrong procedure. The correct command depends on what you installed. If you run the pop3 connector this one is for you

Try to issue again that command, and report back its output here, thanks.

@davidep, Francesco did the command for the pop 3 connector, I think this is the right one

@ohifra Could you mark it as solved please

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