Email with User and Password

NethServer Version: 7.7.
Module: email

Hm Sogo and email for internal ist running. Can cannect the email server (Thunderbird). But configside says User and Pasword are wrong.

I know when Loginname and Passwort is the same (Windows10pro64) than it is working. But thats not possible now. I need User and Pasword. Sorry i know kerberus is mutch better

thx axel


Be aware that Thunderbird likes to use Kerberos or something when “discovering” the connection protocolls.

Use manual, after discovery use for the inbox the same as for outgoing, just Password…
IMAP: 143 TLS Password
SMTP: 25 (or 578) TLS Password

That should work in most cases…

Kerberos or whatever won’t work!

Hope that helps

Consider to publish autoconfig record into your DNS.

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Thx Andy

My fault was the wrong user settings.
When i using the Firefox Test butoon is kerberus aktiv.
With normal Password it is working fine

Fist using was blocked. But i find the certificate window in the background.
With acepting the certificate next try was fine.

now i can send email internaly.

Pike it is good idea… whe i moving with emailservice outside the local network.

Now i am looking for the recorsds :frowning: a aaa mx ?
Never try that befor :frowning:

thx 4 help Andy and Pike

I don’t think I even understand the question, but if this is part of the question, then automx could be a big part of the answer:




AutoMX is great, but:

A big part of the problem is that most people do not understand how DNS works.
Most Win Admins can only handle forwards lookups…

For most the problem is made more complex by external DNS providers. Their defaults usually point to the hosted mail/webserver.
MX, CNAME, TXT records with SPF or DMARC is for most people like advanced rocket science…

Actually DNS, forwards and reverse, is actually quite simple, once you get into it.

You can always make something idiot-proof, but then someone will come along and force you to lower your expections / definition for “idiot”…


My 2 cents

Thx Andy

so i try to wirte in both languages German and English

Hallo Andy erstmal danke fĂĽr die Hilfe. Ja nutze schon ewig Linux seit slackware 1.0 und habe fĂĽr die IX den einen oder anderen Artikel geschrieben. Nun brauch ich es und mein Kunde hoplahop. Ja ein kleines Homeoffice mit allen wichtigen Komponenten.

Gleichzeitig will ich und ein paar leute mehr tun im nächsten Monat. Hier gibt es derzeit zwei Optionen ein schnelles COVID-19 Krankenhaus bauen. Was vermutlich derzeit nicht geht (oder doch, denn ich versuche es mal über die Hannoversche Messegesellschaft) als zweiter Teil eine Virustestmaschine nachbauen (nur eine einfache) mit Plänen für Maker.

Wer also was davon versteht bitte melden!! Und wenn wir nur die Maschine aus den 1980gern nachbauen.(BaybyBlue)

Vieleicht arbeitet ja jemand an einem Institut das eine solche Maschine hat und mir erklären kann. Um Patente braucht sich niemand Gedanken machen, die können nun ausgesetzt werden (der Patentinhber wird entschädigt)

Danke Axel

Hello Andy

thank you and the communitiy for trhe support. Great work. I am working with Linux since Slackware 1.0 and i am a sience write. I am wirting a long time about IT for “the” IT Professonal Magazin in Germany But now one of my custumer neeed asap a homeoffice solution. (and Neth ist the best :slight_smile: with a great support) My self an my freinds need it too. (same Questions for two solutions) We are working together (in a early step) toi build two solutions. First a COVID-19 mobil hospital. Second (a part of the solution one) we try to make a simple RNA lab test maschine.

Is there anybody how had some KNOW How abaout this kind of maschines ?

At the end it will be a open source project. That the maker community can print it :slight_smile:

So i am sorry for my stuipid IT Quests. My head ist moving around this solutions.

Thx Andy and Community

Like bayBlue.


I can’t help you with Babyblue, but with your other IT questions…
Drop me a PM, and we can open a chat here…
Consider that as support for your project.
I do know your IX mag, indeed, I myself learned a trick or two from them!

Keep safe!


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Hello Andy hello everbody

i found a open source maschine