Hello community,
i have a weird problem.
With combination of Email+SOGo+Activesync,all works perfect but:
only with Apple iPhone + Activesync connection to server doesnt work on LAN. WAN side (out of office) works perfect.
Other devices, Android generic clients and Outlook, Outlook for windows, Mail app for windows works perfect with activesync
Anyone can explain this?
Thank you

That is a very odd problem…

to be sure you do not experience some DNS hick-up when connect to the (WiFi) LAN: can you reach the server-manager web-ui with a web-browser on your Iphone? (

Hey Andrea,

I hat the Same issue when starting with NS.

Ist depends how you reach from WAN your NS.

Lets say you have set a DNS record named and you enter your office and be from That on inside you LAN, your phone cant find the Server except you have set the Same record in your local DNS.

That solved my Problem back then.

Two same DNS records in LAN and WAN also solves the certificate issue regarding IPhone.


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