Email Server Errors - verify receivers with option 550 - Nethserver has stopped replying back to spam service

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009

Hello Forum,

We setup Email on our Nethserver and we’ve begun experiencing the following problems:

  1. We use a third part spam filter service and their spam filter uses “verify receiver” with option 550. This means that before email is sent to us our spam filter service verifies the email address to ensure it is legit. This means my Nethserver needs to reply back to our spam service. That reply is over port 25 and was working up to earlier today. At some point this morning this reply stopped thereby causing our spam service provider to stop sending us emails. We’ve mitigated this by our spam service provider has turned off this verification check which allows mail to flow through now.

Where in Nethserver can I check to see why this reply is not being sent back any longer?

Thank you.

I would try to enable dovecot logging.
There is a template


which configures the debug-log-path. Please make a custom template of it.
Also I’ve found


where you can set what would be logged.

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Thank you @support_team for this response. but I will need more help on what to enable.

Do I need to enable dovecot logging or will the /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-logging.conf file be enough to show the details I need?

What would you suggest I enable in the 10-logging.conf file to help me find root cause for this problem?

Thank you.

At a first step I would set the following:

auth_verbose = yes
auth_debug = yes
auth_debug_passwords = yes



But I don’t know if you have to set




at this file too.
Hope somebody else knows it, or “Try and Error”