Email recovery from VM backup


I have a Nethserver v7.6.1810 server running email + sogo and not much else.

A user lost most of their emails. Not sure why, I think something weird happened in outlook a few days ago.

I have the VM backed up each night. I am just restoring a few backups to find the most recent one before the issue happened.

Once I have the VM running, I am changing the IP to something different, then trying to retrieve the messages.
What is the best way? I was going to try the Pop3 connector to pull them direct from the restored VM. Unless there is a better suggestion?

OK I have got the emails copying across with the POP3 connector. Seems to be working.
Happy to hear any better suggestions in case it happens again, but this will hopefully solve the problem.
Still no idea what caused it though.

FWIW… Still at 7.6? Really?

yeah and it says its fully up to date. Is there a manual update process to upgrade it.
Is it still supported and getting security updates at 7.6?

Honestly this server has been rock solid with basically no touch for a few years, it has usually said it was up to date, and I basically left it alone. Maybe that wasnt a great idea.

AFAIK currently supported version is 7.9…

ok thanks. so how do i update it?

How to upgrade from CLI:


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