Email problems creating users

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.2.1511 (rc1)
Module: Email

Hey all, just installed the latest and greatest Nethserver download. I’m trying to use it as an email server. Everything installed fine and seems to be working, however I can not for the life of me figure how to add users at different domains. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or what. I installed the email pachage as well as openldap and webmail. Configured email to use openldap. I have 1 domain that is the default. If I go into Email->Domains I can add as many as I want, but there is no way to create users under any of the additional domains. Lets say is the default domain. I have added and under the Email->Domains area. However if I go back into users to try and create lets say there are no other domains listed besides the default I have no choice to use one of the additional domains I’m handling email for. I know it says NS is unlimited domains/email addresses, but I can’t seem to figure out how this is supposed to work if I can’t select the domain I want to use when I create a user. Can anyone shed some light on this? I don’t see any definitive info in the online docs, or any step-by-step instructions on the forum or web. Thanks!


I think @GG_jr and @fasttech are very expert about it :slight_smile:

Definitely, we need it. @enzoturri would you taking care of it?


same problem here. it’s impossible to use more than on maildomain. NS7.2 RC runs on a Hyper-V from MS.
I can type wat ever i want. The way to become the mailserver in function is much more difficult like in NS 6.8

Regards and a nice weekend for all.



Did you set NS 7RC1 with OpenLDAP or with Samba AD as account provider?

I didn’t test yet with OpenLDAP as email server for different domains, but with Samba AD as account provider, I’m pretty sure will not work.

Hi Gabriel,

with open LDAP.



I’m not sure, but… do you want to create an email alias address with the additional domains? Or are you rather expecting to create another user account with an alternative domain (different from the hostname FQDN one…)?

For mail aliases this is the module “Email addresses > Mail aliases”. On our demo (root/pass):

Should I use version 6 of NS then to accomplish this? I used openldap as
I do not use AD. This is a standalone email server.

I’ m using NS 6.8 for this.
I’m driving home now, but search on forum for my posts.
I will be available for more informations later.

Thanks Gabriel, downloading 6.8 now to install and take a look.


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Another user with a different domain, like, not an
alias. I have multiple domains I need to host with different users on
each domain. They are not all on the primary domain so aliases do not help.


I’m afraid it’s not possible… By now, there is just one user namespace (domain) available on NethServer (6 and 7).

Please have also a look at

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Hello Kevin,

@davidep has right, but is possible.

Share you own experience regarding Mail Server setup

Multiple, separate domains email server