Email Notifications in Settings needs a "Test" button

When setting up the Email Notifications in the Settings section there is no way to check you have a coherent set of values.

A simple “Test” button to send an email would confirm.



Good idea, I agree!

Hi all

Specifically also @davidep

I would even suggest a two step E-mail test…

One during setup, either of mail or first use of notifiaction, specifically for notification sending.
Send a testmail using a preconfigured Mailserver (Listening to a specific Testdomain and also to a specific generic Key in Subject field, to prevent misuse) and using a simple Autoanswer set in mailsieve (or whatever), replying Mailtesting seems to work. (actually: outgoing mail is workable, ports are open, dns working, target server reachable…)
This runs behind the scenes and confirms “outgoing mail should work”. Else an error / message like Internet, Ports etc not available should happen at this step!

Second test would be then user-specific, as suggested above.
This “button” would only be available, if the test1 is passed.

I still do run my own “Echo Mail Testserver”, for my clients and myself, for testing when doing a setup…

My 2 cents

I have been requesting this function since first day

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we validate that the settings are good by login to the smtp server, we will never be sure that the email we sent will be accepted by the smtp, for example if you have bad DNS set or if you have a dynamic IP

@stephdl its seems you’ve not really grasped of whats being asked for.

This is meant to simply, using the smtp settings provided, send a test email to the designated email address, so that for the user, if the email was received, all is well. if email was not received, then something is wrong.

In future more advanced parameters, especially for manual configuration could be used.

more complex, NS8 cannot be the culprit, it can have many other reasons

ofcourse NS8 would not be the culprit. this is in relation with the Manual settings, and also considering we are implementing alot of Apps to make use of the Notifications email configs by Default, unless the user defines or changes them.