Email notification when service is down

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003 fully updated w. subsr.
Module: systemd

Hi friends,

I’m not sure if this is a feature-request or a support-request.

Recently I had a look at my NS and noticed that a service was down. Cockpit showed my the hint. I don’t know why it failed or how long it didn’t work. It was Pi-holes ftl service. I clicked on “start” and everything was o.k. again.

So I wondered if cockpit can show me the hint, if it’s possible to send a mail-notification to admin if a service is failing.

I found scripts about that which could be adopted an executed via cron. But maybe there’s an easier solution.

TIA Ralf

We do this thing as part of subscription.

If you want to hack a bit, check out this code which talks to collectd who is in charge to call a remote API when an alert has been generated.


Hi Giacomo, thanks for your answer.

This server has a subscription. How is it done?

With a remote API which handle the notifications.
It’s part of Fiorentina and Pizza subscription.

I’m monitoring my services via port by:


Which has a nice addition (for my taste): Telegram support.