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I’m a soho user and have to connect via my ISP rather than use MX records. I use Fastmail ( as my mail provider. They allow multiple mail recipients ( and preserve the mail headers so I can use Fetchmail in multi-drop mode.

With my current (manually configured) mail server I use Fetchmail and Postfix, Fetchmail.rc includes :

#fetch mail from fastmail account
#multidrop mode :
#  'envelope..' specifies header line to extract intended recipient
#  'localdomains..' identifies accepted domains[s]
#  'is *' passes full address to postfix
poll FastMail
    proto pop3
    auth password
    envelope X-Delivered-to localdomains
    user ""
    pass "mypassword"
    is *

…which allows incoming mail to be sorted by recipient into the appropriate mailbox.

As far as I can see at present NethServer only provides a 1:1 mapping through the POP3 connector so when I connect to Fastmail, all mail will be routed to a single mailbox. Is there a sensible way to filter mail from Fastmail to multiple recipients, or do I need to edit the Fetchmail.rc config file manually. If so, do you set up local fetchmail.rc files, one per user, or use a global fetchmail.rc file as I do at present ? If so where do I find it ? I guess if I manually edit the fetchmail.rc file then any use of the POP3 connector configuration page would corrupt the manual edits ?

One further query - I assume user ‘admin’ has a mailbox configured ? It’s not listed under ‘Email addresses’.


NethServer is missing multidrop support in its fetchmail add-on and customizing fetchmail is not trivial (fetchmail.rc is built on the fly, etc).
Since you have a working configuration and NethServer is a CentOS, I’d use your current configuration files avoiding the fetchmail add-on.
You need to select an existing user, put your working fetchmailrc in his home and schedule a cron job to invoke fetchmail as the user above.
A quick search returned this documents that seems to contain a lot of relevant info:

Note to self: future getmail implementation should allow multidrop.

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Thanks for your reply

I’m used to Debian/Ubuntu at present so CentOS is new to me, thanks for the link.

I looked at Getmail when I set up my existing server(s) several years ago. I think the only reason I used Fetchmail was because I was a Linux Newbie back then and there was a lot more info on Fetchmail than Getmail at the time. Worth another look :slight_smile:


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getmail is available on NethServer 7 and it could easily support multidrop.
If you’re still interested I can help in setting it up.

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