Email Junk public folder is back

this is still happening on a new install.
System version
NethServer release 7.4.1708 (Final)
Kernel release

cannot Delete Shared Junk folder from admin page.

rm -rf /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/vmail/Maildir/.Junk

verify Shared box is gone.

run: /etc/cron.daily/nethserver-mail-spam-expunge

shared Junk folder re-appears in Sogo and the admin page for Nethserver

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anyone? has anyone else noticed this still?

I’m not seeing this on my original updated install, or a fresh install, on admin page, WebTop, or Roundcube.


just to confirm, I noticed it now on one of my hosts, where I installed NS on a minimal centos.

Deleted “Junk” folder is back when I run /etc/cron.daily/nethserver-mail-spam-expunge.

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So, it’s been a while since posting this and I still don’t see any change in the public Junk folder… I can’t delete it, unless i do it manually but it keep re-appearing, or when I run the cron manually…

Any chance this can, or is fixed yet?

This is still the case in 7.5 on a fresh install with all current updates, Instant Messaging, Nextcloud and of cause Webtop installed.

I think that the Junk public folder can be our friend. Apart from disappearing and reappearing (due to this fix) it also collects mid-score spam messages from any other public mail folder.

Those messages are likely to be spam, but their score is not so high to decide they can be rejected during the SMTP transaction.

So it could be wise that somebody can subscribe that folder to check if some false-positive lands on it.

My proposal is to treat the “Junk” public mail folder like any other public folder. For privacy reasons, people authorized to see it should be authorized to see any other public folder contents.

What do you think?


I agree, public junkmail is cool! :smiley:

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We want to fix it to be preserved if it exists.