Email issues (Sudden stop in receive and sending of emails..)

For some reason I can not receive any email messages nor can i send any email from my server… It is some thing that randomly started and not sure even where i should look… I am horrible at email…

I am running Neth Server 6.8 any suggestions would be appreciated… Every thing in the panel looks good and setup up properly at least to the best of my knowledge… This is affecting all domains…

Please do the basic checks on following logs:

  • /var/log/maillog
  • /var/log/messages

Check also you have enough space :wink:

This might help thanks to @enzoturri

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Hi @lorentedford
are you using a smarthost ?

Have you checked the blacklist (IP ADSL and IP smarthost)?


No i am not using a smart host but last night around 3:30 in the morning i got all my test emails from my gmail to my inbox but didn’t get any of the ones from my domain yet… I think i found a possible issue the email ports was localhost only so i put that back open for everthing…

To receive mail , TCP port 25 must be opened to all .
If Nethserver has no public IP you need forwarding on the router .
To ensure that it is accessible correctly, try connecting to your public IP on port 25 with telnet (putty) from an external connection to your network .
you should have a message like:

220 nethserver.enzo.lan ESMTP Postfix

If it is ok, router and firewall are properly set.

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So glad that i don’t have any routers before my nethserver but if i did i would try to make sure that those ports where forwarded…

I think i figured it out I am guessing i have to manually add these ports in the nethserver firewall in order to use email… May have been a misunderstanding on my part thinking that it just automatically was added…

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I think , but I 'm not sure , that if you install the firewall before the mail server, the rule in the firewall is created . if you install the firewall after you install the mail server you have to create it yourself . I’ll try…

Interesting… I can’t remember which one came first but i know i have both…

I have just installed the ftp server, and the rule was created automatically . I guess it’s the same for the mail server :wink:

Ok I guess i learned a few lessons lol…

DNS very important!!

Here is an Example of some TXT files that i added to help fix some issues…

SPF example Replace X with your ip…
v=spf1 a mx ip4:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -all

Next the very hard lesson to learn was Dmark
here is their website

Again enter txt


Make sure you correct that with your website…

Also I had to manually add the ports for email I created a service called email…
here is what it looks like…

Create Service called email
Protocol I just did both because i don’t remember

Remeber ports numbers have to seperated by a comma

Then click submit

All my problems went away and emails are working again!! Thanks everyone!!

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