Email doesnt seem to be syncing

Good morning all,

i don’t know if its an update on microsofts part with outlook or with something updated on Nethserver but recently i have noticed a couple of different email mailboxes not syncing correctly.

This is using the IMAP connection and sometimes a mailbox that is being used on a number of installs of outlook.

what happens is a user reads an email so the email can be seen as read, another person on a different computer even after a send and receive the email is still un-read.

i have also experienced this on my laptop and my desktop pc.

i have cleared the cache in outlook on both machines and it still seems to do it.

nethserver version 7.9.2009

thanks in advance.



Outlooks IMAP connector is probably the issue.

While it generally works, it has had a LOT of issues in the past 20+ years. The Exchange connector is better debugged.

To “isolate” the issue, you can install eg Thunderbird next to Outlook, also using IMAP (Even on both machines!). In my experience, TB handles IMAP MUCH better than Outlook. If the issue also persists on TB, it’s probably a NS issue, if not, its a MS issue…

My 2 cents

Thanks andy will give that a go, i’ve been holding off moving to thunderbird due to calendars etc.

I’ve got so used to outlook i don’t know if my little brain will handle it


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Hi @derilium

I use TB for my 30+ clients, including Adressbook and Calendar sync, also with Smartphones. Works very seamlessly.

I use Nextcloud on NethServer for Adressbooks & Calendars.

My 2 cents

That’s good to know, i use Nextcloud separately so may look into that.

move away from microsoft as much as possible



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