Email Client Ideas

Hello All,
We have been configuring/testing NethServer for over a month now and I must admit that compared to other solutions, it is much superior. So far we have successfully configured/tested to do the following:

– Multiwan: A solution that was a ‘Must Have’ for our backup service provider needs, and load balancing purposes. Nature of our business is such that we cannot afford to lose connectivity, so we have four providers, and NethServer is doing the rest. We tried solutions like pfsense, ClearOS, TP Link TL-R470T multiwan router, opensense and WRT. None of them worked with any degree of reliability. It took less than 5 minutes to setup NethServer for multi wan, and it has been working flawlessly ever since. This alone is enough for us to use NethServer as our Gateway.
Firewall and port forwarding are a breeze to set up.

–Guacamole: This came as a surprise. We were using windows RDC and making it work for over 40 test servers for multiple users over firewall was nothing short of an admin nightmare. Guacamole made it so simple and effective. No other solution comes close, not even paid version of teamviewer. Now remote access to the servers has become so simple and set up such a breeze.

–NextCloud with OnlyOffice: Two birds with one stone. We were using OMV till now but NextCloud is so much more efficient and with the ability to share and edit the documents has made our workflow much better.

–Wordpress: This is a bonus… Trying to make multiple sites work but haven’t had much time to play with it.

–Email Client: we are trying to figure out on which direction to go. We are currently using eM Client and are happy with the functionality, but don’t like that its client based solution. Here are the requirements that we are looking to fulfill

–Ability to connect to multiple accounts and have a combined Inbox if possible(Roundcube fails here)
–Ability to have personal folders where the data will be stored on the server where the client is hosted, not on the mail server. (Rainloop Fails here)

–Save/load attachment directly from NExtCloud account

– Ability to create and manage subfolders.(There is a mail app in NextCloud, but it does not allow any subfolders).

Please let me know if you have any ideas…


Did you try webtop? It has a nextcloud integration and is a webmail app and groupware. You can install it from software center.