Email Addresses are still showing after removing SOGo

NethServer Version: 7 RC2
Module: SOGo

I installed SOGo Groupware and Email Address are now showing on the website. I removed SOGo and MariaDB, but Email Address are still showing on the website.

Next I from scratch installed OpenLDAP and then installed SOGo, then removed SOGo/MariaDB but his email address was still showing on the website.

Next I from scratch installed Samba AD, and then installed SOGo, them removed SOGo/MariaDB but his email address was still showing on the website.

The SOGo website is showing “Service Unavailable”

I also rebooted and shut the server down but the same results.

It’s due to how the software center manages removal of modules.

When installing SOGo it installs a lot of dependencies.
When uninstalled from software center it only removes the main nethserver-sogo package, more or less, leaving most of its dependencies installed. IIRC this are called leaf packages.

The same applies to other modules.

For instance…
SOGo module uninstall:


MariDB module uninstall:


Checking from the command line you’ll find that sogo is still installed, the same with mariadb, et cetera.

To remove the email page:

yum remove nethserver-mail-server

Another way to handle leaf packages is to use yum autoremove.
yum history is also useful.

In the Enterprise version of NethServer the removal of packages was disabled due to its complexity I guess.
But I agree with you, I’d love to see this improved.



I’m doing my job is a Quality Team member and reported bugs that I find. It “should” take off the email addresses when I removed SOGo from the Software Center but it didn’t.

Maybe put this info into the documentation.

Also I working removing Roundcube and it looks like it as the same problem.

It is a leaf packages that are causing the problem, there is lot of work to do in removing packages before it’s release. Or a lot of documentation at it’s release.


Also a posted a Feature this week about SOGo and Rouncube categories. SOGo doesn’t have one. If we build a SOGo category maybe put how to actually remove it in the category.

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Keep on doing it! :heart_eyes:
It’s really important to expose the problems, so together we can discuss possible solutions.

Regarding removal of packages I got my hands dirty but ended with scorched hair, so to speak. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Didn’t find a reliable solution. IIRC it was mostly OK (no problem with circular dependencies from software center…) but it changed the way yum worked from cli, and that was more problematic.


“Yum autoremove” works in removing Roundcube and put it in a pending Admin Manual update for Roundcube/Webmail documentation. Thanks :grinning:

Hi Jeff,

Most of the SOGo documentation has to be rewritten.
Beside the fact my English writing is poor, i have this little handicap of being dyslectic.

Are you willing to write it up in proper English if I rewrite it in short sentences?

grtz Mark

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That’s sound good, especially I know only some about SOGo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Let me know when you have your sentences ready.

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