Email account management of the future - multi domain features

I hope everyone has a nice gift and well-eaten :wink:

I have sometimes a suggestion perhaps one can implement these:

I have two mail domains and I want to send with SOGo from both accounts.

This goes with a small detour, I simply set up a second account IMAP account and it works.
Unfortunately, I have the complete directory root embedded afterwards - that is unattractive.

I set up the second maildomain as mail alias, there is the possibility that the e-mail administration dialog again somewhat as it was with the 6.8 version was.

Or that you can set up a second email account, and that with separate access data.

Sogo can do it basically :wink:

Maybe there is something in this direction … Would be very happy!


If I have understood correctly your request, that’s just a SOGo issue. Take a look at this discussion, hope it clarifies better

Exactly in the last post it is described.

I want gladly for the further maildomains managed in the mailserver likewise full-value eMail accounts can set up.
This can be integrated with SOGO, this can be added without problems via imap account.

Only to this would have in the GUI the possibility to create further full-value eMail accounts on the other maildomver more configurable maildomains.

I hope I have expressed myself comprehensibly.

Here again my thoughts a bit more plastic.

Insert another rider in the submenu “emailadresses”

Under mailbox then the establishment of a mailbox is to be realized, which are only collected with external access data via imap / pop3 / (smtp) protocol.
This means that they are not assigned to a local user.

I do not know a good graphic artist, but maybe better understand my idea.
Looking forward to your feedback!

And I wish you all the best for a new year!

Gerald :grinning: