Ejabberd on NS8 and Nextcloud Improvements

Improvements suggestions Nextcloud.

In Nethserver 7, when ejabberd was installed, because it had cortun built into it, it was possible to make use of that coturn to be able to work for nextcloud as a turn server,

Now in NS8, i dont see how its possible to achieve this. equally, on the Nextcloud Image, i do not see that cortun, and any turn or sturn components within the services, meaning, either an external component is required or something else.

How is Nextcloud talk supposed to work in this regards.

High Performance Signalling.
couldn’t this docker image be added to nextcloud Module: strukturag/nextcloud-spreed-signaling: Standalone signaling server for Nextcloud Talk. (github.com)
considering things are now containerized, its much easier to add it into the Module all at once.

Moving forward, we could then add Configurations for Files High PErfomance from here:
nextcloud/notify_push: Update notifications for nextcloud clients (github.com)

There is a nice article on this as well here: Nextcloud 21: High Performance Backend for Files » DecaTec

since redis is already supported in the container, unless this config was already factored in, and implemented by default in our Nextcloud Module.

what do you think abotu Above.

i am thinking a NS8 module of this, would make it possible to conenct nextcloud into it, and make use of it as the signaling server…

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