Ejabberd 20.12 (XMPP, Instant Messaging, IM, Chat, Video and Voice Calling, WebSocket)

It is time to update, currently it is only 20.03 :slight_smile:

This year: A lot of improvements and bug solutions!

Thanks in advance.



18 years of ejabberd:

How to set up ejabberd video & voice calling:

Getting started with WebSocket API in ejabberd:

eturnal v1.0.0: say hello to a new STUN/TURN server:

Other articles:

Hi @Neustradamus,
did you try to update it manually?
I would prefer to install a test-server as a vm, do a snapshot and try the update.
Write down the steps here, you have done.
If there are any problems please post them here, I think we find a solution.
If it works, and you have written down your steps, somebody can create a package and after testing it I think it can be pushed to the official repo.

Easy to update, the base is to replace 20.03 by 20.12 (except one line and add a new line in nethserver-ejabberd.spec)

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Hum…too easy to be real. Upgrades are a pain with ejabberd :smiley:

@stephdl: Can you look?

The first step is to update to 20.12.

The second step is to improve the configuration file.

Thanks in advance.

good alternative for Nextcloud talk.

can you help me with update?