Ejabberd 19 upgrade

Can you upgrade ejabberd because the actual version is very old.

After 19.09.1, there were changes:

And can you add some ejabberd-contrib modules too?

Linked to:


Thank you for the GitHub issue follow up!

Ok, let’s upgrade to ejabberd 19. Since we are approaching a new major relase we could enforce the naming rules/fixes, as you’re proposing in the following PRs, and discussed also in It is ejabberd (3 PRs have been done).

To avoid possible conflicts I want to merge them in a dedicated “ejabberd-19” branch.

Some questions about the upgrade. I’m not an ejabberd expert and I hope @Neustradamus can help!

  • What are the new features of ejabberd 19?
  • Is 18 still maintained for security fixes?
  • Do we have a clean upgrade path from 18 to 19? After reading their release notes, the first experiment to do is upgrading a NethServer installation of ejabberd 18 to version 19
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It is always from master, no support for old versions.

Official announcements:

Some changes (Warning: All features are not in this example)

Just a heads-up for when the work on ejabberd takes place… Evaluate and consider adding the features mentioned in:

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Added a project card here https://github.com/orgs/NethServer/projects/1#card-29750302

In more PRs already done for have a perfect ejabberd.
Please update the ejabberd.yml with the example model and keep security options which are not in example:

5223 port must be an option like current 5269 port.

You can add options to enable MQTT too…

:smile: Apart from philosophical considerations about “perfection”, what is your goal with ejabberd? what is your typical ejabberd use case where you strive for perfection? What does the users do with it? How many are them? …

I ask because my tipical scenario is a few users (<100) sending just text messages. I understand it is a simple scenario compared to ejabberd potentials.

We can change the default open ports list on the next minor release (7.8).

Let’s make a list of desiderata and decide what to display in UI (1), what to keep hidden but easy to adjust with a DB prop value (2) and what should require a template-custom (3).

As a rule of thumb, if a configuration is required by less than 10% of use cases it surely goes to 2 or 3.

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Have you looked for add the command “ejabberdctl clear-cache” (if ejabberd is installed) when a password is changed in Nethgui and Cockpit?

Can you reopen 2 tickets, it is not solved :wink:

About ejabberd/XMPP:

There are one important for client (C2S): 5222

And if we want to have the XMPP Federation (S2S): 5269

The 5223 port must not here by default, can you add on option to use this port (not enable by default)?

Nethserver admin:

  • Nethgui
  • Cockpit

For more informations, there is the RFC, you can see 5222 and 5269 ports: