Ejabberd 18.06 version update

Hi @dev_team,

the current version of the ejabberd version 18.06 whilst version 8.12 is available. I believe only n+1 upgrades are possible (e.g. 18.06 -> 18.09 but not 18.06 -> latest)

The latest version (18.12) now uses httpS for the admin webinterface on a different port. That feature alone would be worthwhile, amongst other new features and fixes.


Also I am wondering where to get some extra listening modules such as mod_sip and mod_turn


/opt/ejabberd-18.06/bin/ejabberdctl modules_update_specs
and then
/opt/ejabberd-18.06/bin/ejabberdctl modules_available


atom_pubsub Provides access to all PEP nodes via an AtomPub interface
ejabberd_auth_http Authentication via HTTP request
ejabberd_mod_mam Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)
ejabberd_trace Easy tracing of connections made to ejabberd
ircd IRC server frontend to ejabberd
mod_archive Supports almost all the XEP-0136 version 0.6 except otr
mod_cron Execute scheduled commands
mod_deny_omemo Prevent OMEMO sessions from being established
mod_filter Flexible filtering by server policy
mod_grafite Publishes Statistics via statsd/grafite
mod_http_offline POST offline messages to a web
mod_log_chat Logging chat messages in text files
mod_logsession Log session connections to file
mod_logxml Log XMPP packets to XML file
mod_message_log Log one line per message transmission in text file
mod_muc_log_http Serve MUC logs on the web
mod_openid Transform the Jabber Server in an openid provider
mod_post_log Logs messages to an HTTP API
mod_pottymouth Filter bad words in messages
mod_profile User Profile (XEP-0154) in Mnesia table
mod_rest HTTP interface to POST stanzas into ejabberd
mod_restful RESTful API for ejabberd
mod_s2s_log Log all s2s connections in a file
mod_shcommands Execute shell commands
mod_statsdx Calculates and gathers statistics actively
mod_webpresence Publish user presence information in the web