Ejabber does not want to talk with external


I have once again user problem - I fear the problem sits in front of the monitor!

And I want to send with Jabber over several domains news, unfortunately these are not transferred.

At which setting screw can one turn?

Many of my friends also use Jabber, but we can not write to each other. In our domain at home, we can write and read (all family members).

As soon as I write users outside of my domain, nothing goes out or pure, the servers just do not see themselves …

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Hi Gerald,
I don’t use jabber but I’ve found something in Internet:


Have you already read it?

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Thank you, the procedure is clear, unfortunately the port openings are not in the GUI tied up and at the restart the cfg file is always reset.
Would be nice if you could adjust the module and something more options would be.
Unfortunately, you have to do a lot on the console again, which is when several machines are catered again and again error sources.

That one can not adjust all functions with a GUI is clear, but in many modules the range of functions is very limited.
If we further develop, review, test, adapt to what is technically possible and the people we want to create it …

We have a product which is really good - aso we have to try to make it even more people and more established!

Hi Gerald,
please try not to change the config file directly, do it with a custom template. For help I think I can assist you.

Thank you, now runs my ejabberd!

I have adapted some template files and opened the corresponding port.

Basically I find however still one should one the GUI further develop in order to be able to make these attitudes there.

What I’m missing is that you can restrict the use to specific groups.


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Hi Gerald,
thanks for sharing the link.

I think for this you should do a feature request, perhaps it is possible.