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I recently came a cross a very good system for education use.
which serves as a local shared library server for any education institution
its called RACHEL

its got instructions on building your own though its based on raspberry pi

In general I think it should be possible to use the same content here

and the entire content visisble here

this might be probably for Nethserver on pi, but it could be great to have a way to build it into the general Nethserver.

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Hi @oneitonitram,
Thank you for your suggestion. Did you already try to install this on NethServer? I just went over to the website, and am I far off when it looks a bit like Internet-in-a-box?
I know Unleaskids and OLPC Use IIAB for their projects.
I sure am curious if either of them, can be installed on NS and what the options are for these applications.

yes @robb it is more like internet in a box, the difference is that this one is geared towards educational institutions, and the content is mostly curriculum based. and also includes some virtual labs.
A for rachel, there is a way to download a usb version and setup on your own machine, the problem is thats its a small 80 gb version. For my use case, I think the 400 GB version would be great. the challenge is thats its provided as an iso image for rapberry pi.
In our country I have people with version of the content

I just read some more on both RACHEL and IIAB and it turns out that it is possible to add RACHEL modules to IIAB:
It looks like both RACHEL and IIAB act more or less as independent servers. This might make it hard to integrate those services in NS.
They both are installed using either a pi image (when installed on an rpi) or install scripts that install ‘the full package’, including for instance the httpd service (apache or nginx)
Since a webserver already is installed on NS, you might run into issues…

but what I am seing with regards to the same is that, the configure the install scrip to setup the webserver so as to make it easier to build a version of their commercial produc, since the project is for non profit.

my idea was to strip out the server and os elements, and only have the content. then repackage the content into nethserver to work on a vhost of some sort, then that would be a milestone.
eg. Downloading the iso file, having a lok inside where the files are stored and how they are queried, then setting up the same on NS

Projects like that unfortunately are created to be standalone

Its been a while since these notes were initially created,

With me here, i am just taking Notes on what is possible, and what has already happened.

So far, we have quite a number of the apps already implemented.

We have seen a bigbluebutton app inside nextcloud, which sure makes things abit easier.

Severall other tools for note taking, communications and Content.

LEts take account of what is possible right now,
what has been done,
what has not been done
and what can not be done.

Looking over here

I believe the next LTS release for Moodle is now available, what are the available timeleines of now implementing.

I came accross these tools that i think might be of interest in this application List.

  1. Audio Bookshelf Audiobookshelf
    An Opn source Slef hosted Audio Bokks Shelf

  2. OpnBooks GitHub - evan-buss/openbooks: Search and Download eBooks

  3. Calibre Web GitHub - janeczku/calibre-web: Web app for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks stored in a Calibre database

I remember @dnutan had a similar installation, but for calibre content server. here Howto install Calibre Content Server - Howto - NethServer Community

i guess the calibre web is just a fancy web interface for acccessing calibre server items.

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