Editing Backup Jobs not exiting after changes made

Hello @support_team,

Today I’ve been working on my backup jobs to adjust the settings. But at the end of the Edit where I click on Edit to save my changes the backup window is not closing. I can only press Back or Cancel. If I cancel my jobs is not saved.

Has there been a change to Backup recently that would have caused this issue?

Has anyone else found the same problem?

Edit: I’ve now tried to create a new scheduled backup and I was unsuccessful. I’ve went through the backup wizard successfully. On the last screen I press schedule and the box does not close. The only buttons that work are back and cancel. Schedule is not working.

Thank you.

Do the same things but with the web developer console opened (f12), then copy and paste in the terminal the last api rest command

Can you provide also a screenshot? And check from Software Center that all updates are installed.

Hello @federico.ballarini,
I’ve confirmed this morning that all updates are installed:
Kernel Release - 3.10.0-1127.18.2.el7.x86_64
Operating System - NethServer release 7.8.2003 (final).

I’ve found when my issue occurs but I’m hoping someone can help with why it’s occurring.

When I choose “Prune unreferenced data on” to be Always the backup will not save. I press on the last Edit button which will save and close the backup settings and the settings does not close. No error is given. But when I choose a specific day for “Prune unreferenced data on” then I can save my backup changes.

What does “Prune unreferenced data on” set to always do and why can’t I choose it in Restic backup?

I’ll add in @support_team for input on why adding the purge Always causes my backup job to not be saved when editing.

Thank you.