Edit vhost file for nextcloud app

I have installed nextcloud on the webserver and everything works fine untill i want to login to the app i have found the problem and solution. I need to add 2 lines to the vhost file:

RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^(.)
RewriteRule .

But the file cannot be changed since it will simply change back is there any possible way to add these lines to the virtualhosts.conf file

Hello @gerrietech

Normally, when you install Nextcloud from the Software Center on NethServer it just works.
You do need an accout provider for optimal use, but there is absolutely no need to manually adapt any vhost config.

Besides which, NextCloud on NethServer uses normally either LDAP or AD, not HTTP authorization…

Why would anyone want to use the oldest auth form apache can handle, instead of the more moderner, better methods? Maybe someone “stuck” on old info, like the people who in 2022 will still setup an AD with a .local fantasy domain - even though Microsoft is trying to educate people not to use such a stupid scheme like a .local domainname.

So I must wonder, what are you trying to do?

This also suggests you haven’t heard (or read about) the e-smith template system, which would easily make any change to a config file possible:

Maybe the best idea to just follow the normal NethServer setup, which just works?

My 2 cents