"Edit on Github" link broken for modules in developer manual

Minor annoyance. “Edit on Github” link is broken for modules in the developer manual. Probably due to documentation relocation to simplify maintenance.

it points to : https://github.com/NethServer/dev/blob/master/developer-manual/index.rst

but you would prefer :


Example of broken edit-on-github link (seen from readthedocs) for Modules section in developer manual:

If I’m not mistaken, current doc is at:

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The editor link should be disabled because the manaul is built up using multiple sources.
Added to the Todo list

Looking on this, I have a doubt.

Some pages could be directly edited on Github (like the explanation about events and template).
Pages from README files, must be modified inside the original package repo (in this case the edit button will not work).

What should we do? Remove the Edit button (https://github.com/rtfd/readthedocs.org/blob/master/docs/guides/remove-edit-buttons.rst) or leave as is?

Unsure if it’s the same problem as described in:

If it’s “all or nothing” or fixing it would take away much time from other tasks, leave it as is.

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Yes, it’s the same problem.
The code which try to fix the problem is quite long! And you also need to maintain a map.

For now I will not remove the link, if more people encounter the same problem let’s remove the edit link.