Easyfatt danea multi-user version at a Linux Server

hello everyone,
I wanted to know if there is someone who knows the software easyfatt danea multi-user version. The problem that in the new version you have to have a microsoft machine, because if not the sql database would cause problems on a linux server.
Thanks anyone who can give me a tip

Did you try it with a linux server? I think we need the error message or an explanation of the error and some logs to help you.

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Easyfatt needs Firebird SQL Server or Microsoft Access (if I read correctly here). As Access has weak perfomance I’d recommend Firebird, it’s available for CentOS in epel repository: https://mangolassi.it/topic/12352/installing-the-firebird-database-server-on-centos-7

If this is not possible and Access is enough for you, you may just drop the Access mdb file to a NethServer Samba share.

access’ db in a shared folder is the right move to enter a nightmare :wink:

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Fixed that for you… :wink: