E-mails bigger than 1 MB stay on Mail Queue

today I found that some messages stay in the mail queue.

Maillog says:
Mar 1 11:06:29 mail postfix/smtp[25495]: 09CE8A0088C: to=mieleshyla@alice.it, relay=out.alice.it[]:25, delay=4077, delays=3762/0/0.
17/315, dsn=4.4.2, status=deferred (lost connection with out.alice.it[] while sending message body)

This seems to happen with messages that are bigger than 1 MB, or so.

What can i do?
Can be caused by smtp_data_xfer_timeout parameter?

I’m using Nethserver 7 up to date to the last version


I noticed I wasn’t really up to date, and so I launched system update.
Immediatly after system update, messages have been sent.

Could be a coincidence, but I don’t think so.
E-mail was in the queue since around 9:00 AM, and I tried many times to attemp to send receiving the same message in the maillog.
Immediatly after upgrade (around 11:30 AM) I used /etc/e-smith/events/actions/system-adjust comand (not sure it is necessary), et volià, messages have been sent

Anyhow now it seems everything it’s properly working

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You were having connection problems in the morning. Or alice was. :slight_smile:
It happened to me many times with alice.

It really could be. As Italians, we can’t be proud of that smtp server.:sweat_smile:

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never use Alice’s smtp servers… if you can’t move away from TIM/alice connectivity, find a smtp service (free or not) outside… alice is unreliable, their servers are too often in some BL and appear to be undersized…
if you care, take a look at sendgrid.net… you can send 12000 mail/month for free… (and yes, you can disable email tracking stuff)

I’m not involved in any way with sendgrid


I’m going loving it

Alice’s smtp servers as relay host shoud be temporarily.
I’m waiting to understantd if Aruba can insert a PTR record with the IP of the server, so I can stop using a relay host.

I’ll take a look at sendgrid

Thank you

fine but… if you’re using alice ADSL, be aware that you’ll have issues with BL… no matters if your PTR or other DNS stuff is ok, you’ll have issues

I’ve got some customers which bought Alice professional adsl and they are given a dynamic IP… guess what?

I repeat, if you are on alice ADSL, use a smarthost

Free plan has been discontinued: https://sendgrid.com/docs/Classroom/Basics/Billing/legacy_lite_plan.html

DOH! :smiley:

ok, take a look around, there are other services (Mandrill is another one, IIRC) or take a look at https://aws.amazon.com/ses/ (IIUC, 0.10$ for 1000 sent emails)

I’m already there :grin:
Thank you