E-mail disappeared and mailbox size limit


we’re using NethServer release 7.4.1708 (Final) with some e-mail addresses configured. Recently something strange happened with 2 of the configured e-mail addresses which users use to view from Windows using common clients (Outlook / Thunderbird / Outlook Express). All of a sudden all e-mails disappeared both from clients and webmail. They’re not really disappeared as I can “see” them in each maildir fortunately and I have downloaded the whole folder for safety reason but I cannot understand why they’re not more visible through webmail or clients. I also noticed that even if mailboxes have no e-mail quota set when I login to Roundcube webmail I see size limit (1023MB). When I manually reloaded “lost” e-mails of an e-mail address from which messages have disappeared it soon reached the max limit so I cannot load any old e-mails. Could it be related to the problem I had with disappearing e-mails? I didn’t set up Nethserver and I’ve only inherited its management so maybe I’m missing some basic setting that I’m not aware of.

Thank you


It’s quite… really not updated?

Could it be this related to the mailbox size problem?

Honestly i don’t now…