Dynamic DNS blues!

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Configuration?

I have an ISP that provides ‘dynamic DNS’ for their DSL modem/routers that tends to change from time to time. When I was running SME 9.2 it didn’t seem to be an issue, as it’s set to automatically detect the DNS servers. However Nethserver seems to want to see an actual IP address/domain for resolving DNS, and if it changes, you would have to update accordingly. The server actually seemed to work ok at first with just pointing it to the DSL modem for DNS resolution, but it stopped working earlier today and the only way I could get it to reconnect to the net was to hook a laptop directly to the DSL modem and grab the current DNS server IP’s and insert them into the DNS records. This will most likely work until the DNS changes again. I could do a wildcard option, but I don’t know how often and to what extent the address changes… if it’s just the ‘host’ field, a wildcard should track it ok, but if they go as far as to change part of the ‘network’ field, it may not. My server is currently set to a static DHCP address off of the DSL modem, not bridged (yet). Any ideas are welcome! :wink:

EDIT: Let’s put this on hold for a bit until I contact my ISP and get some further info on how their DNS servers are currently set up! Thanks!

Hi Dave,

Meanwhile to keep your NS server up-and running you may want to use one of the publicly available DNS servers. Most well known are those from google, (belonging to google these DNS servers probably log your request’s.)

Cloudfare, compromises not to do this , so personally prefer to use those .