Duplicity - incremental every month instead of weekly

I think I asked already but did not get a clear info on that one. For me duplicity works quite well with the one exception that I would like to be able to only fullbackup once a month instead of weekly, as most of the data are static though sending them through wan weekly seems a waste of bandwith.

I also consider this a nice feature for others so my questions are:

As this is not possible to configure through webinterface at present, are there any chances it could be configured by modifying a config file?

Is there any chance this could be added in webinterface in near future?

Thanks in advance for clarifying.

Sadly not, the logic is coded inside this script, look around line 46.
The prop FullDay now indicates a day of week.

AFAIK this is the first request of this kind, so I do not know if this is a common need. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks Giacomo. Sadly I don’t have the knowledge to change this script to my needs. I still consider this would be a nice feature, but I understand, that its not worth adding it if there is no need from other users. I guess, I will have to look around for another solution for backup this server than duplicity for ex. something that has deduplication. With duplicity I weekly have to transfer gigs of same data (its meant to backup our nethserver serving mails and nextcloud), and this adds round about 60 GB to the destination share, which then will become to big to backup to an external 500GB pendrive, let alone the wan traffic that is weekly generated.

It would have been nice to use the builtin backup feature.

What about restic or rsync? See the Documentation.

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I had choosen duplicity because of the full/inc concept and because being the default choice and also because it has compression, but thanks for the pointer. I will try restic. Unfortunatelly I don’t see rsync when configuring backup for my nethserver, because of target/destination for backup; I use a cifs share on another nethserver. Can you elaborate what “nicht referenzierte Daten löschen” means in restic configuration?

As regards rsync:

Supported storage backends:
WebDAV (only when used as single backup)
SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

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Oh, well if restic will not fit, I can still try rsync with sftp to the same folder, thanks again :slight_smile:

Prune, see restic docs:

But the data that was referenced by files in this snapshot is still stored in the repository. To cleanup unreferenced data, the prune command must be run:

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I am curious about the size of the initial restic backup, since it will not be compressed.

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I see a minor “bug?” in restic backup. I can configure nethbackup(share)/nethhostname(folder) but the backup is still put into nethbackup share, so the /hostname is ignored. Is this reproducable? Well I just modified the first job that was configured to nethbackup share directly. I tried if deleting the job and creating a new one as mentioned above allows me to backup in a subfolder. As it doesn’t, I will have to create a separate share.

Here the restic backup worked on a cifs share “backup”, folder “test”:

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You could create two (or more) sets of backups, one for those folders / data that change often, and one for the data once a month, here only as full backup, not incremental.

You can add directories to omit, that is not included in the backups.
Customize the two jobs as needed, and you’re ready to go!

My 2 cents

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Hm strange, here I configured it accordingly but restic always created its folders under backup and not under test (in your example), although I wrote share/folder as you did with a / inbetween. Nevermind - workarounded it with a separate share. Thanks for testing anyway. I will maybe try again, but don’t want to bother you as long as I can create a separate share, its ok - not perfect, but ok :slight_smile:

Hi Andy,

thanks for your suggestion. I thought about that too, but would like to keep nethbackup as one set for the complete hosted nethserver thats holds our mailboxes and nextcloud (which then is backuped to our local neth and afterwards backuped by local proxmox zfs send | recv. to an external storage. I also did study and exclude some folders. Gnite guys and thanks a lot for your great support!

I’m using the two set backup for a couple of clients, where i need to keep an eye on transfered volume for offsite backups…

I can confirm it works.

The daily set has everything, except for the monthly-only folders/ibays. (7 generations kept)
The Monthlies have everything. (3 generations kept)

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After a successfull restic backup, I am happy with the size of the initial backup. 65.3 GB (74 GB on disk) - not that bad compared to the last full backup from duplicity (57.2 GB). I think I will profit much of the restic deduplication feature on the next snapshots.